NetflixOSS Season 2, Episode 1

by Ruslan Meshenberg

Wondering what this headline means? It means that NetflixOSS continues to grow, both in the number of projects that are now available and in the use by others.

We held another NetflixOSS Meetup in our Los Gatos, Calif., headquarters last night. Four companies came specifically to share what they’re doing with the NetflixOSS Platform:

  • Matt Bookman from Google shared how to leverage NetlixOSS Lipstick on top of Google Compute Engine. Lipstick combines a graphical depiction of a Pig workflow with information about the job as it executes, giving developers insight that previously required a lot of sifting through logs (or a Pig expert) to piece together.
  • Andrew Spyker from IBM shared how they’re leveraging many of NetflixOSS components on top of the SoftLayer infrastructure to build real-world applications — beyond the AcmeAir app that won last year’s Cloud Prize.
  • Peter Sankauskas from Answers4AWS talked about the motivation behind his work on NetflixOSS components setup automation, and his work towards 0-click setup for many of the components.

Since our previous NetflixOSS Meetup we have open sourced several new projects in many areas: Big Data tools and solutions, Scalable Data Pipelines, language agnostic storage solutions and more. At the yesterday’s Meetup Netflix engineers talking about recent projects and gave previews of the projects that may be soon released.

  • Zeno — in memory data serialization and distribution platform
  • Suro — a distributed data pipeline which enables services to move, aggregate, route and store data
  • STAASH — a language-agnostic as well as storage-agnostic web interface for storing data into persistent storage systems
  • A preview of Dynomite — a thin Dynamo-based replication for cached data
  • Aegithus — a bulk data pipeline out of Cassandra
  • PigPen — Map-Reduce for Clojure
  • S3mper — a library that provides an additional layer of consistency checking on top of Amazon’s S3 index through use of a consistent, secondary index.
  • A preview of Inviso — a performance focused Big Data tool

All the slides are available on Slideshare: Netflix oss season 2 episode 1 — meetup Lightning talks from Ruslan Meshenberg

In preparation for the event, we spruced up our Github OSS site — all components now feature new cool icons:

The event itself was a full house — people at the demo stations were busy all evening answering many questions about the components they wrote and opened.

It was great to see how many of our Open Source components are being used outside of Netflix. We hear of many more companies that are using and contributing to NetflixOSS components. If you’re one of them, and would like to have your logo featured on our Github site “Powered by NetflixOSS” page — contact us at

If you’re interested to hear more about upcoming NetflixOSS projects and events, follow @NetflixOSS on Twitter, and join our Meetup group. The slides for this event are available on Slideshare, videos will be uploaded shortly.

Originally published at on March 13, 2014.

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Learn about Netflix’s world class engineering efforts, company culture, product developments and more.

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