Upcoming Changes to the Open API Program

This is Daniel Jacobson, director of engineering, with a message to everyone in the Netflix Open API community.

We’re making some changes to the Open API program to support the Netflix focus on international streaming. Later this year, we will discontinue support for DVD-related features, degrading them through redirects or other means gracefully whenever possible. These changes will only affect the Open APIs, so your DVDs will continue to ship!

This change clears the path for us to add new features to the API to support international catalogs and languages. Eventually, we plan to expand our public developer community to other regions, allowing developers from around the world to build even more amazing apps and sites powered by the Netflix API.

During this transition, we will continue to work with our developer community to make the change as smooth as possible.

Originally published at techblog.netflix.com on June 17, 2011.