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Announcing StarkWare and Nethermind joint effort!

The Layer-2 of Ethereum is no longer a distant planet that people just dream about. With new technology development and approaches, for example, STARK proofs (Scalable Transparent ARgument of Knowledge), it’s becoming a new reality for Ethereum based solutions. This is why we were extremely happy when StarkWare approached us to help them in building the infrastructure elements for the StarkNet, a permissionless STARK-Powered L2 Ethereum ZK-Rollup.

The first phase of StarkNet is called Planets. To ease with navigation amongst them, we created an alpha version of a block explorer, Voyager. After all, every universe needs bold explorers! The Planets are the first part of the journey. The next one is related to providing an EVM to Cairo Compiler. Just imagine being able to run an actual smart contact as a STARK based Cairo program! How amazing would that be!

Uri Kolodny, co-founder & CEO at StarkWare said, .

Tomasz Stańczak, Founder of Nethermind commented,

If you think about Nethermind and StarkWare, with the former building and providing a successful Ethereum client, and the latter delivering the mighty L2 ZK rollup solution, you just know that this is a match made in heaven. With this partnership, we hope to deliver a lot of benefits to the wider Ethereum community. Until next time, stay tuned! 👋

About StarkWare:

StarkWare solves the inherent problems of blockchains — scalability and privacy.

StarkWare developed a full proof stack, using STARK technology to generate and verify proofs of computational integrity.

StarkWare’s cryptographic proofs are zero-knowledge, succinct, transparent and post-quantum secure.

About Nethermind:

Nethermind has a world class team of builders and researchers with expertise in Ethereum, protocol engineering, Layer-2 scaling, decentralized finance, smart contracts development and enterprise blockchain. Nethermind provides technology, R&D and consulting services for blockchain and DeFi businesses.

We want you to be part of our journey.

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