Hackathon at API World — Turn the Web Upside Down!

Data flow in web applications is typically unidirectional, with browsers acting as data consumers and web servers acting as producers. But what if there were no restrictions about producing or consuming data or where your application had to reside, whether in a browser, on a mobile phone or in the cloud? What if it were as easy for a browser to communicate with another browser as it were for it to communicate with a web server?

That would turn things upside down, wouldn’t it?

Netifi is part of an open source initiative that includes pioneers in microservices — Netflix, Facebook and Pivotal Software — to develop the RSocket application protocol. RSocket is bi-directional with no restrictions about producing or consuming data or where applications must reside. This allows a developer the full range of possibilities no matter where the application is deployed. A browser can both fetch data and act as a server, serving requests from peers. A node server can pull live telemetry data from clients while at the same time serving their requests.

Netifi Proteus is a next-generation platform based on RSocket technology, providing API management, routing, service discovery and predictive load balancing while being able to run over standard transports (like TCP, HTTP/2 and WebSocket). This results in applications that are easier to scale, less failure-prone and easier to operate.

Netifi is sponsoring a Hackathon at API World in San Jose on September 11–12. We are offering a $1,000 prize for innovative solutions that make use of Netifi’s technology to upend traditional client-server architectures. The hackathon is free to attend, and you can register today at http://apiworld.co/hackathon!

At API World, attend our Technical Workshop on Tuesday (September 11) from 12 Noon to 12:40 pm at the Expo Stage for a demo of what is possible with the Netifi Proteus platform. Also, visit the Netifi booth (#105) at any time to get your own introduction to the Netifi platform, and receive login credentials for a hosted Proteus broker your team may use during the challenge. Then build your own application, either by extending the provided demo application or coming up with your own idea.

We have 50 free OPEN Passes to share with developers, dev managers, tech executives that will get you into the Expo, OPEN talks and keynotes. Get your free OPEN Pass by going to this link.

Turn the web upside down!