Headed to QCon — International Software Development Conference

We’re looking forward to next week when we’ll be at QCon in San Francisco, which happens to be Netifi’s hometown. Our co-founder and CTO, Ryland Degnan, is presenting at a session on Tuesday, “Reactive Cloud-Native Networking with RSocket,” about the open-source network protocol.

Enterprises are moving to the cloud, but many soon find they are challenged by the networking implications of cloud-native architectures. After-all, what developer wants to deal with the nightmares of load balancing, caching and coordination over the network and across many services?

RSocket is designed to handle the challenges of communication between complex networks of services both within the data center and over the internet — extending to mobile devices and browsers. Ryland was part of the team at Netflix that did the initial development of the RSocket protocol that is now a collaborative effort including Netifi, Facebook, Pivotal and others. In addition to ultra-low latency RPC and flexibility in the underlying transport layer, RSocket provides session resumption, application flow control and predictive load balancing to protect both client and server resources from being overwhelmed.

Ryland will explain how RSocket enables developers to focus on their applications instead of network infrastructure. It simplifies the way enterprises build and operate cloud-native applications, dramatically reducing operational overhead and speeding development velocity.

Netifi will also have a booth so if you’re there, please check us out.