Netifi Talks Reactive Streams Networking on Software Engineering Podcast

Our CTO, Ryland Degnan, was recently interviewed by Software Engineering Daily for this 1-hour podcast that covers his days at Netflix and the challenges of networking at scale. Ryland discusses distributed applications, that require wrangling of inter-services communications, and pioneering work that led to the creation of open source technologies, like Hystrix and RxJava, and especially the RSocket protocol that makes reactive streams much easier.

The RSocket protocol is at the heart of Netifi Proteus providing highly-efficient communications for developing and deploying microservices and cloud-native applications. Ryland makes comparisons with gRPC and the service mesh sidecar model explaining the differences and the benefits of reactive streams using Proteus.

Give a listen to learn more and if you have questions, check out our Community forum where you’ll find all the help you need.