Proteus Community Edition is now GA

Today, we are announcing the release of Proteus Community Edition — as a free download. (Previously, we made available on a limited basis, a prototype for download.) Proteus reduces the complexity associated with developing and deploying microservices and cloud-native applications and is based on the open source RSocket protocol.

Today, applications are built on a larger scale and more widely distributed than ever before, yet they are still built with decades-old HTTP and REST that were designed to send textual information in one direction. This necessitates an entirely new approach with communications designed specifically for cloud-native applications. That is the missing link provided with Proteus Community Edition.

Proteus takes care of networking complexity, such as routing, session resumption, application flow control and predictive load balancing. That enables traditional enterprise developers to build applications that are easier to scale, less prone to failure and easier to operate.

At our recent Hackathon, Groupon engineer Suraj Chafle, learned just how easy and helpful it is to take advantage of Netifi’s technology. He had no previous with RSocket or Proteus and called it “amazing”.

You can read our news release here . We hope you’ll take advantage of free Proteus Community Edition and give it a try.