RSocket Video Channel on YouTube

We’ve put together a collection of RSocket videos on this YouTube channel.

Among those are a main stage presentation and demo at SpringOne Platform by Stephane Maldini, of Pivotal, and Steve Gury, from Facebook, about RSocket, Spring and reactive programming.

Plus, recently our CTO, Ryland Degnan, spoke to the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery about reactive cloud-native networking with RSocket about how RSocket is designed to handle complex networks of microservices and supports use-cases such as push notifications and real-time data processing.

There is a demo by Josh Long, of Pivotal, in his “Spring Tips: RSocket” video showing a Reactor-powered RSocket project from Facebook.

In addition, we’re working on a series of tutorials on how to use RSocket planned for the weeks ahead. Check out the YouTube channel and please be sure to subscribe for future updates.