Connecting entrepreneurs and sharing ideas in Ljubljana, Slovenia

In the first week of April, Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, was a host to a traditional business networking conference NetPRO. The conference is aimed at micro, small and medium business in Slovenia and beyond, with a focus to connecting business ideas, entrepreneurs and their successful implementation of business solutions.

Igor Zgonc, CEO of Silver Bullet Risk company, Enterprise Risk Management advisor and blockchain enthusiast, shared his the birds-eye view on recent ICO ecosystem, pointing out opportunities and challenges entrepreneurs are facing when entering this new approach to funding their ideas.

He presented his role in recent sucessful ICO story of InsurePal and took this opportunity to explain phases and various steps, needed to complete the funding project in this new way of crowdfunding.

He shared his own vast business experience with curious audience, focusing on startup challenges and important milestones a startup company must face on the market, from differentiating their product from the competition to marketing and developing their roadmap, and with all that in mind, having their financial projections in front of them all the time.

His extensive business knowledge and entrepreneurial experience was very welcomed at the conference and with good answers in his sleeve he shed a lot of light to the business community and ideas about to enter the world.