Splitting blocks at the @Blocksplit conference in Split #blocksplitconf

Networking, sharing knowledge and enjoying quality time at the sea side make the rough waters of crypto and blockchain industry more calm organized and informed.

The last weekend of April hosted a great blockchain conference in Split, organized by Tomislav Mamić, Antonio Perić & team.

From ICO projects and their challenges, to business models design and deep dives from developer’s point of view on the blockchain, conference was packed with good insights from experienced speakers, some of them with the industry from the very beginnings, like Peter Todd, who explained to developers some insights on “What blockchains actually do”.

“The truth is what the chain is.” ~ Peter Todd

Sandra Ro presented reviews on how can blockchain help in non-financial industries.

Decentralization and privacy were obviously important topics, well covered by some speakers, including Paul Janowitz, who compared privacy of most popular coins.

As smart contracts are getting increasingly used in blockchain business, having them written properly and tested is getting more important.

In Collaboration 2.0, the blockchain way, Simona Pop argued that solutions on blockchain remove barriers and reduces costs with: permanent records, identity & proof of work, cross platform operability and cheaper fees.

The future of work is on the blockchain. ~ Simona Pop

Some more tweets from Netis team, attending the conference. Other tweets can be found under #blocksplitconf hashtag.

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