Think Tank: A brief state of blockchain industry

We attended Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia event today. Coordinated by Peter Merc, he invited interesting speakers to present a few insights on the current state of blockchain industry.

Gregor Zupanc from Solidium Capital briefed us with latest investment trends, pointing out increasing interests from the banks, which are ready to invest heavily into blockchain industry. “Tokenization of assets will bring a lot of opportunities as an alternative investment” was another observation on the account of new asset investments.

Peter Trček from Bitnik explained some key differences between public and private blockchain, and elaborated in which cases there’s a need to use one or the other.

Aljaž Jadek from Jadek Pensa presented legal views on regulation, with the key focus on self-regulation.

Last session was on the “marriage of GDPR and blockchain”, where Urban Krystufek rolled out most important points of GDPR and its influence on blockchain technology and industry.

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