Together we are stronger: Slovenian blockchain startups formed Blockchain Alliance CEE

Netis Group
Feb 13, 2018 · 2 min read

Slovenia strives to become a blockchain-friendly destination, touted the Slovenian prime-minister in October 2017. Media all around the globe reported about his progressive statement, which is beginning to formalize now.

At Netis Group, we believe that Slovenia, no matter its size, is really a phenomenon in blockchain and crypto world and actually can achieve that goal.

Here is why:

Slovenia is small country that covers an area of 20.273 km² in the Central European region and borders with Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. With a significant geostrategic position, it connects Balkans and Eastern Europe with the West.

There is more: with only a little over 2 million people, Slovenia has delivered a one-of-its-kind result: the country has the highest number of successfully finished ICOs per capita.

During the ICO process, we at Netis Group worked together with several of the most successful Slovenian projects, including Viberate, InsurePal and SportyCo and partnered with Spartan Solutions, specialized in blockchain development. We`re proud we`ve helped to pave the way for companies for which we are sure of they will become the future shiny starts of entrepreneurship not only Slovenia but worldwide.

With all the knowledge, ideas, business connections and informal business alliances accumulating on such a small, but extremely significant area, the only logical next step is to formalize the alliance and set the route to the common goal.

Beginning February, Netis Group, Viberate and Spartan Solutions decided to formalize their business friendship by forming Blockchain alliance CEE and announced it on a friendly meetup intended to gather startups and Slovenian Prime Minister under one roof and begin an open dialogue.

We are certain that Blockchain alliance CEE will serve as one the founding pillars of the future Slovenian economy. And, we will strive to promote cooperation, respect, fairness and excellency as our core values.

Together we are stronger!

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Transforming big blockchain ideas into a game-changing reality.

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Netis Group Blog

Transforming big blockchain ideas into a game-changing reality.

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