Netki to Present at Sequire Decentralized Web Conference on June 23rd, 2022

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Presentation on Thursday, June 23rd, 2022 at 00:00 AM ET

Netki, the global leader for fraud prevention and seamless onboarding, announced that it will be presenting virtually at the upcoming Sequire Decentralized Web Conference on Thursday, June 23rd, at 00:00 AM/PM ET. Justin Newton, CEO and founder, will be giving the presentation.

In a digital world where fraudulent transactions can easily run rampant, KYC/AML compliance is more important than ever. Millions of dollars are lost in these transactions every day, and most modern solutions lack the appropriate technology to stop the leaks. That’s where Netki comes in.

With OnboardID’s unparalleled biometrics and TransactID’s powerful compliance tools, Netki’s product ecosystem stops fraud dead in its tracks while onboarding users faster than any other solution out there. Whether you’re a cryptocurrency exchange needing to verify the identity of your users, or a traditional financial institution who needs to ensure all of their digital asset transactions are globally compliant, Netki has you covered.

Event: Netki Presentation at the Sequire Decentralized Web Conference

Date: Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

Time: 11:30AM — 11:55AM EDT

Register to watch the presentation HERE. Investors can also request 1x1 meetings with Company on the event website.

Summary of Sequire Decentralized Web Conference

Blockchain, DAOs, NFTS and digital currencies are taking off around the world. With the user rate of cryptocurrency growing at over 100% each year, the potential is far-reaching. What does this mean for the future? Then join Sequire on Thursday, June 23rd for the Sequire Decentralized Web Conference. During this free event, executives and industry experts will discuss everything going on in the decentralized web sector through panels, keynotes and company presentations.‍

About Netki

Founded in 2014, Los Angeles-based Netki is the only KYC-AML regulatory technology provider developing remote identity verification solutions purpose-built for blockchains. Netki’s scalable, flexible, automated technology increases trust in regulated transactions on the parts of sellers, buyers and regulators. Its products are included or used by the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, Polymesh, Hedera, Vertalo and Celo. For more information, visit




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