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Netnography: as a Market Research Tool

Four Notes to Keep in Mind

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Understanding customers is vital to business sustainability and growth.

  • Due to rapid advancements, especially in information technology, the context in which service is delivered, experienced and evaluated is changing.

Reference: Ostrom, A.L., Parasuraman, A., Bowen, D.E., Patrício, L. and Voss, C.A. (2015), “Service research priorities in a rapidly changing context”, Journal of Service Research, Vol. 18 №2, pp. 127–159.

This creates large masses of information about customers activities and experiences.


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Much of this information is publicly available and presents new opportunities for more personalized, higher quality service.


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Collecting and analyzing such extensive data, however, is one of the main challenges in today’s service marketing research and practice.


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Understand your customers experiences and intents.

Find data by searching for it in the right places.

Access data and personalize experiences.

Analyze data and get insights.



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