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Partnership of Netooze and ITGLOBAL.COM

ITGLOBAL.COM just announced a new partnership with The alliance of two companies enables them to share marketplace ideas, technical expertise, resources, and knowledge.

While Netooze continues to develop and expand its Cloud infrastructure platform capabilities including its core offering of enterprise-grade vStack and VMware virtualization environments.

“Every year, between six and eight million enterprises are launched, with the bulk of them relying on the cloud. The ubiquitous availability of Netooze cloud technology infrastructure will continue to help eliminate barriers to entry for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and levels of skill. Remote-working technologies will also make it easier for these entrepreneurs to find talent outside of their immediate geographic boundaries.

I’m very excited about the prospects this partnership will bring. Our position should improve the market position of both companies. We are already collaborating on innovative products and services. The first joint success of the new alliance is already evidenced as Netooze has already expanded its network structure to include a direct network connection to the ITGLOBAL.COM Backbone.” — said Dean.

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