Netra Receives Patent for Object Recognition

Netra is excited to announce that our patent on “Object Recognition and Classification” (US 9,760,792) issued on September 12, 2017! The patent covers identification of objects within images and classifies them in categories based on visual descriptors.

Netra’s image recognition technology can detect objects, brands, and context.

Founded in 2015, Netra develops proprietary image recognition software to help enterprises make sense of the tsunami of imagery. Netra uses advances in deep learning to train artificial intelligence algorithms that recognize objects of interest within photos and videos including brand logos, objects, scenes, and activities depicted in visual content, as well as face detection with age, gender, and ethnicity classification.

“The issuance of this patent is a strong indication of what the team has built so far, in what we believe is best-in-class image recognition software in terms of breadth and accuracy,” said Richard Lee, CEO of Netra. “We look forward to continue to advance the technical boundaries of image recognition.”

Agencies, brands and enterprise software companies use Netra’s image recognition technology to uncover insights hidden within imagery to more effectively understand and reach their audiences.

According to Lee,

“Today, almost everyone is taking pictures and videos with their phones, and sharing visual content across platforms. As a result we’re seeing more and more enterprise companies turn to image recognition as a critical technology to extract insights from a data source that continues to grow exponentially.”

Netra’s software is accessible via an API or through their Visual Insights platform. Contact us at to learn more!