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Haris Ahmed — “wanted”, not wanted, and now “wanted” again … according to Bangladesh police website

Elements taken from the Bangladesh police website on February 15th, 2021

It is difficult to keep up with the Bangladesh police’s position towards Haris Ahmed, the brother of General Aziz Ahmed, the head of the country’s army, and one of the main protagonists in Al Jazeera’s “All the Prime Minister’s Men.”

Haris was convicted in 2004 for a murder which took place in 1996. He was never arrested and was convicted in absentia.

He has for many years been on the wanted list — and his picture has been up on the Bangladesh Police’s “wanted” page of its website.

On February 11th, Netra News posted a story about how although Haris was on the wanted list — he had the previous month been pictured standing alongside his brother, General Aziz Ahmed, in a photograph distributed to newspapers by Bangladesh army’s public relations, and he was not arrested.

However, on the following day, as Netra News was about to publish the Bengali version, we noticed that Haris’s name and picture had been removed from the website.

Then this morning (February 15th), Netra News noticed that his name and picture are back on the “wanted” page of the website.


The Ahmed family house in North Matlab where Haris was seen recently, some days after the Al Jazeera film was broadcast

Here is one possible explanation for this. In recent days, Haris was seen staying at his village home in Dokshin Torki, in North Maltab, the district of Chandpur. Netra News has also heard, though this remains unconfirmed, that in the last 24 hours, Haris Ahmed had left this address and crossed by road from Rajshahi into India.

It is possible therefore that someone in Bangladesh police removed his name from the “Wanted List” for this short period of time — between 12th and 15th — in order to facilitate Haris’s exit from Bangladesh. Or at least, the police have republished the picture as — now Haris has left Bangladesh — it does not matter whether he is on the wanted list or not.

Screenshot taken on February 15th from Dhaka Metropolitan Police website

One of the oddities of all this, is that during the three days that Haris picture was removed from the Bangladesh Police “wanted list”, his name remains on the Dhaka Metropolitan police website in its “most wanted” section — one of only four names.



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