New Android for Samsung Features Explained

Netsanity has released its brand new parental control client app for Samsung Android devices. This extends Netsanity’s mobile reach to the hundreds of millions of Samsung installed devices. Our Samsung app, when installed on a child’s Samsung smartphone or tablet, allows parents to use all of Netsanity’s traditional tools but adds extra security and restrictions that are unavailable to Apple iOS users. Below we list what’s new and what is possible with Netsanity’s new Android parental controls.

Netsanity Can’t Be Removed

  • The client app that manages the child device cannot be removed by the child without a 5 digit Enrollment Code set by the parent. This is an important advantage as we have put extensive security features to ensure that the device stays enrolled and protects your child 24/7.

New Enrollment Process

  • Enrolling new devices is easy for both Apple and Android devices
  • You only need a 5 digit enrollment code to either enroll an Apple or Android device
  • Android users will enroll their Netsanity Device Agent from the Google Play store using their 5 digit enrollment code

New Feature — Locate (Android)

  • Android users will get GPS accurate location info in the device info page

New Feature — Timeout

  • Timeout for Android Samsung instantly performs the following: Disables Internet; Disables all 3rd-party apps; disables SMS texting

New Feature — Disable Any App (Android Only)

  • Android for Samsung users can now disable any app that is listed in the App Info tab
  • App that is disabled will instantly be disabled from working
  • In addition if that App is also listed in Appblocker, i.e Instagram, Youtube, etc., that app will be blocked for internet access as well
  • Any app disabled will be un-clickable on the Samsung device

New Feature — Data Use Graphs (Android)

  • Android for Samsung users can now see data use for Wifi and cellular on the app info screen
  • You will see data used per day over the previous 30 days on wifi and cellular
  • You will also see any data used while roaming
  • In future releases you will be able to set your start date and manage data usage more granularly

Here below, the parent can set the daily, weekly, or monthly maximum for cellular data


New Feature — SMS and Phone Blocking (Android)

  • Android for Samsung users can block all SMS texting Globally or block phone calls Globally
  • Additionally you can block SMS or Phone Calls to<>from specific contacts on the device
  • A phone call history log will show calls made and received as well

Netsanity was made by parents for parents. With easy to use software designed to give control and sanity back to parents, Netsanity enables a safer and healthier mobile experience for kids. See for yourself with a free trial!
Netsanity is available for both Apple and Android devices.