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Subhash Gottumukkala
Hi! I'm Subhash. I'm 16 years old. I write about Self Improvement and Technology. Buy me a coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/subhash547
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Barry's Bites
Film & TV Critic
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I live to create characters, stories, worlds. Check me out: discord chronomatopoeia#6482 and itch https://itch.io/profile/chronomatopoeia I accept commissions.
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Jairam R Prabhu
Blogger|Podcaster|Student|Engineer|Content Writing. Writes on Science, Law, Technology, Politics, International Relations|Runs Infodaily & Journal of Knowledge
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Gianluca Cientanni
I’m Gianluca, a not-so-young and budding games developer with a penchant for expertly terse introductions.
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Candice Brusuelas
Feminism and culture, self-love, health/fitness, professional thought machine
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Amanda Bussman
Learning the endless process of being a confident writer and full time dreamer.
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Mofrad Muntasir
2x Top Writer| INSEAD MBA | Ex-Head of Marketing, Digital Marketing Head, & Strategic Insights Lead writes on Marketing, Social Media, Personal Finance & Growth
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Florin Marchis
Digital marketing specialist from Romania, writing about nature, technology, self-improvement, spirituality, marketing, relationships, and travel.
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HWS| Film Critic| History Buff| Poems| Thoughts| 19
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John Cunningham
John is dedicated to helping you get more out of life through his writing, mentoring and coaching programs— https://www.synergypersonaldevelopment.com