Netvibes now available within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Originally published on Nov 2nd 2016

The convergence of an award-winning application and its presence in an Industry Leading Business Platform.

Yes, here are the latest major awards Netvibes won:

  • 2015 Best IoT Development at The Appsters
  • 2016 Most Innovative App at The Appsters (yes! 2 years in a row!!)
  • 2015/2016 Best Technical Innovation at The Internet of Things Awards

More about Netvibes here. Feel free to contact us!

For that we will open 2 tabs in your favorite browser and compare and the Platform.

Requirements for the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform (Quick Tour here):

All set? You should see this (of course, since all is live, sources and counters may differ on your screen):

Now, open a new tab and click here to open a Netvibes demo dashboard

You should see this:

Now, you should have 2 tabs opened like this:

A. Shared Libraries

A Shared Library is an app (or a widget if you prefer using this term) regrouping sources. A Library is created by a Premium user and can be shared with a link amongst anyone you like. Shared Libraries are:

  • unlimited in the number of sources
  • come with the retention of the Library publisher
  • always up to date and sync’ed up

In the Netvibes tab:

Mouse over a source, here CNET, and watch the + appearing.

click on the +, a window opens, click on Add to your Dashboard. you will see the CNET app next to the Library:

In the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform tab:

The exact same way, mouse over the Shared Library, here Time, and click on the + icon

A full width window will open. It’s a preview of the Time articles. Click on the “Pin to dashboard” icon in the upper right corner…

The Time app is now added to your dashboard. Drag and drop it on the right to arrange your Dashboard and you should see this:

B. Tracked Topics

A Tracked Topic is an app made of a query on a desired content. Sounds complicated? Well, it’s not. Think of it as a search within your dashboard. Save this search and Netvibes will run this search at all time so you never miss what’s happening. Tracked Topics are:

  • Super powerful queries onto your content
  • Queries use our facets explorations to filter by languages, people, geo…
  • Unlimited and always up-to-date

In the Netvibes tab:

We’ll create a Tracked Topic on all articles mentioning either “Apple” or “Samsung” (Note: Tracked Topics are reserved to VIP status within Netvibes)

Click on “Add” in the upper left corner, then on “Analytics app”, then click on “All”, check the “Define a topic” button and type “Apple OR Samsung”, you should see this:

Click on “Save changes”

Now, let say you’re only interested in content in english. Click on “Language” in the “Filters” column on the right side. Pick “En” for english, you will have this:

“Save changes” again and now “Save Tracked Topic”

Voila. Your Tracked Topic app is created. It will always update itself. All the time.

In the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform tab:

Same idea. Click on the Ii (western) in the 3DS compass in the upper right corner (similar to the “Add” in Netvibes) and search for “Tracked” or simply scroll to the “Tracked Topic” icon, click on it, a large window opens like this:

Click on “Configure” and this should look familiar by now, no?

Told you, it’s the same UI!

So, let’s do the exact same: ”All” under “Topic”, “Define a topic”, “Apple OR Samsung”, “Apply changes”, “Language”, “En”, “Apply changes”, “Save tracked topic”

Click on “Pin to dashboard”…

… and then Add and voila again: your Tracked Topic is ready.

C. Social Analytics

Social analytics apps will answer 8 different questions on any query you ask.

  • How many mentions?
  • What are the trends?
  • How is it perceived?
  • How is it appreciated amongst your colleagues?
  • Where in the world is it happening?
  • Where on the internet is it happening?
  • In what channel is it happening?
  • Who’s influencing?

Charts are always updated and they all offer forecast, linear regression and smooth curves.

Now that you know, experiences are the same in both Netvibes and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, let’s accelerate as Social Analytics and Tracked Topics are very similar. The first is about charting, the latter about filtered content. You’ll discover it is, from our standpoint, the exact same.

What we’re going to do is get the trends about positive emotion on Apple.

In the Netvibes tab:

(Note: Tracked Topics are reserved to Premium status within Netvibes)

As we did for Tracked Topics: “Add”, “Analytics apps”, “All” under Topic, “Define a topic”, just “Apple” this time, “Apply changes” and now let’s select “Emotion” in the filters column and “Positive”, you shall see this:

“Save changes” and now click on “What is said?”


In the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform tab:

You know it all now. Click on the Ii (western) in the 3DS compass in the upper right corner and scroll to the “Social Analytics” icon, click on it, a large window opens like this:

“Configure” and do exactly the same as within Netvibes (it is the same! didn’t I mention it already? :-)

“All” under Topic, “Define a topic”, just “Apple” this time, “Apply changes” and now let’s select “Emotion” in the filters column and “Positive”, you shall see this: (looks familiar by now, doesn’t it?)

“Apply changes”, “What is said?”

You will get this. “Pin to dashboard”

And voila again

D. Measuring a Social Impact

Netvibes is the only one to both analyze content and chart any social activity AND chart any internal or external data (MisoData) so you can, with a super simple, drag of a chart onto another one, measure a Social Impact. We name this “Drag to Compare”

To demo this, we’ll chart the latest value of the Apple stock ($AAPL) and compare this stock with our previous chart of the positive mentions and see if there is a correlation.

Let see how it works within Netvibes. (Note: Tracked Topics are reserved to Premium status within Netvibes)

In the Netvibes tab:

First, MisoData to chart $AAPL

By now, you know where the “Add” button is :)

“Add”, “MisoData” and here you are:

“Next” in the Quantitative Time-Series. In the “Cloud” section, paste this URL:{{(-1 month).month0}}&b={{(-1 month).day1}}&c={{(-1 month).year}}&d={{now.month0}}&e={{now.day1}}&f={{now.year}}&g=d&ignore=.csv

All of it. It’s a query on Yahoo! Finance to get Apple stock values


As you can now see, you can ask Netvibes to update your numbers on the frequency of your choice. Pick “Automatically every” and leave it at 1 hour. In What do you want to chart, remove all columns but “7” and finally since we’re dealing with daily stock value, select “Average” in the “Show results as”. You shall see this:


On this page, you have to enter the Credits to whoever gave you the data you’re charting. Here yf (Yahoo! Finance) and

“Finish”… and voila the $AAPL chart

Now, Drag to Compare, Apple’s positive mentions and $AAPL

Well, this is super simple: drag the Social Analytics chart (green) you did in the previous chapter and drop it onto the $AAPL chart (orange) we just did… Click “Ok” and that’s it:

Above, to help reading the 2 charts, I’ve added a Linear Regression to the green chart. To do that, click on “Content: Apple emotion…” in the Details section, check “Linear regression” and “Update”

What you can read is both are flat but stock is slowing going south and emotion up. In other words, there is no big event driving the stock at this point.

In the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform tab:

As previously, look for the “MisoData” icon and click on it

I’m sure you do recognize those screens. They are the same as previously in Netvibes. Let’s go faster then…

Pick “Quantitative Time-Series”

“Next”, use the same URL{{(-1 month).month0}}&b={{(-1 month).day1}}&c={{(-1 month).year}}&d={{now.month0}}&e={{now.day1}}&f={{now.year}}&g=d&ignore=.csv and the same settings

Here goes the preview, “Pin to dashboard”

And voila. the exact same app. of course.

Drag to Compare works the exact same way.

E. Automation with Potions

Potions allow you to automate any Decision-Making. For an individual, it’s the equivalent of you being 24/7 in front of your Dashboard and making all decisions the way you always do. For a Team or even better, a company, it’s what we call “Corporate Discipline”. It means the whole organization behaving and reacting the same way all the time, in all places, in any circumstances. More on Potions here.

Let’s make a simple potion: If there are new articles in the past 5 days in the Tracked Topic we created (articles mentioning “Apple OR Samsung”, in english language), that also contain “3DS” in their title, then you want to receive them via email. How cool? Let’s automate this with a Potion in both Netvibes and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

In the Netvibes tab:

You know the drill by now: “Add”, “Potion app”, “Create from scratch”…

Select “Tracked Topics”…

Pick the Tracked Topic we created and “articles from the past” 5 days, enter “3DS” in “title contains”, enter, “Save”…

In action, pick “Email”, your email is automatically selected, “Save”…

Your potion is ready…”Next”…

Give it a name, say “Demo” (how creative :)… and voila.

Your Potion is now activated and will work for you. forever…

In the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform tab:

As previously, now find the Potion icon, click on it:

Click on the + to add a trigger. Select the Tracked topic ingredient…

Pick the Tracked Topic we just created and decide to get articles in the past 5 days that contain “3DS” in their titles…

Next for the action, select “Email”…

Your email is automatically selected, “Save”…

Your Potion is ready…

Happy with it? Time to pin it to your dashboard…

Voila. Potion is active. Slide the cursor to deactivate it. Click on the arrow below the bottle to get the journal of your Potion.

That’s it for now. We hope you convinced you that Dashboard Intelligence in Netvibes, the reason we got 3 awards lately (Best Innovative app, Best IoT development, Best IoT app) works the exact same way in the Industry Leading Platform: the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform from Dassault Systemes.

Need more info? Feel free to contact us!

Thank you.

Freddy Mini, CEO, Netvibes, proudly part of Dassault Systemes.