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The essentials.

A complete overview of Netvibes. All in one place. A must read. 
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The demos.


Pitch done in Detroit to senior execs in the Transportation & Mobility Industry.

Comparing 17 hot topics between the Silicon Valley/USA and the French ecosystem. Presentation done on stage at BPIFrance on 3/15.

Comparing 17 hot topics between the Silicon Valley/USA and the French ecosystem. The full length report featuring all materials to backup what we presented on stage.

Product demos

Video of the full demo. 9 minutes to watch it all.

Video of the short version of the demo. Less than 6 minutes. Must watch.

Become a QIO (Questions>Insights>Outcomes) ninja in minutes.

Do-It-Yourself for Netvibes’ demo. Follow the script and contact us of your certification.


AutoSave is the 4th of our 5 Unique Selling Proposition

Dashboard of Things, DoT, with our Potions is the 5th of our 5 Unique Selling Propositions. Presentation used at launch time, 2/5/15.

Dashboard of Things benefits for PR agencies or how to pitch Netvibes to PR agencies customers. A unique differentiation.

Hierarchical Dashboarding is unique for multiple dashboards across teams or throughout a larger organization. It uses the granularity of our app-based Dashboard Intelligence to share apps across Dashboards and even have Dashboards of Dashboards. The perfect solution across any hierarchy.

A white paper on how the Internet of Things will impact the Enterprise.

10 examples of very useful and powerful Potions.

Trend Tracing got us new awards. It means tracing a trend heppening before triggering an action. Instead of a simple “if all this happens at T-time”, we offer a more sophiticated “if all of that happened over that period of time”… then trigger that action. Unique and super powerful.

You’re an expert on something? create a Library with all the resources about your expertise and share it amongst your own dashboard, your team and even publicly. Always up to date, always sync’ed up. And of course, readable, searchable, analyzable and Potionable.

Internal Netvibes.

Restricted access. Of course.