Reflection on the Reflection

In order to improve the evidence section of our final essay we need to expand on our evidence blog post.

As it currently stands we have narrated the content of the video but haven’t narrated the complete production process. For our essay we can expand and answer why we chose to film in a kitchen, why we hadn’t devised a script prior (hoping to get that natural effect), which camera we used and the different shots we included in the final production (zooming in on products, panning over objects, voice over footage).

The evaluation displays our learnings engaging in online video practice; the need for a script, considering outside noises (dog barking, phone ringing) and filming equipment. In the essay we can expand more about what we learnt in terms of authoring, publishing and distributing online video practice. We can also expand on how we filmed our video in relation to the constraints and affordances that Youtube presents. For example our video is approximately five minutes long which fits nicely into the Youtube recommended duration and would not be suited for other platforms such as Instagram or even Facebook.

After evaluating our process and finished product we have decided to focus our essay on the ‘natural facade’ that vloggers (video bloggers) possess in their videos. How much of their video is scripted? How much is pre-planned? This is particularly something that we as a group struggled with as we had forgone a script to seem natural- which was harder than it looked!

Many vloggers including Jenna Marbles choose this seemingly un-scripted style to make them seem authentic and relatable to their viewers. Jenna Marbles appears to be just an ordinary, slightly crazy and very entertaining, girl. This style is what has gained her a plethora of traction on Youtube and shares on other video sharing platforms. It would be great to dissect this image for our final essay.