“Rally for Education” Kicks Off Today in Dover

It’s time to take a stand for education — and Delawareans think that time is now

DOVER, Delaware — Parents, students, educators, and government officials are taking a stand for public education today as they rally in opposition to the proposed $37 million in budget cuts.

The “Rally for Education” begins today (June 20) at 1:00 PM on the east side steps of Legislative Hall in Dover. Confirmed speakers include:

  • State Sen. Bryan Townsend
  • Mary Schorse, President of the Christina PTA Council
  • Mike Matthews, Incoming President DSEA
  • Meredith Griffin, Christina Board of Education
  • Kim Aigle, Small Business Owner
  • Swiyah Whittington, PACE Network

Groups of education leaders, policy advocates, teachers, parents and more gather to spread one unified message: fully funding public education is critical to the success and future of Delaware.

The groups merged under the guide of the co-sponsors Network Delaware, PACE (Parent Advocacy Council for Education), and Delaware PTA. Collectively the groups have urged members to contact their legislators to vote against the FY2018 education budgets cuts.

Many questions remain about potential solutions to the state’s almost $400 million deficit for fiscal 2018, but cutting the education budget is not the answer.

Key concerns of the potential budget cut include:

  • Class sizes will increase causing students to lose the individualized attention they need to excel.
  • Students will not receive adequate resources, after school activities, special programs, arts, and physical education — programs that engage and incentivize students to value their time in school.
  • Teachers, support staff, and their families will lose job security.
  • Parents and communities will lose confidence in the school system and are expected to fight for their children’s education by competing with each other rather than cooperating for better resources. Some families have already chosen to leave Delaware for surrounding states where schools have more reliable funding.
  • Cuts to education disproportionately affect our most vulnerable schools and students. Schools in lower-income areas lack the resources to compensate and are left to continue shouldering an overwhelming share of the ‘sacrifice.’
  • Cuts to education affect the general population by lowering property values, growing apathy within our communities, increasing crime, and creating inescapable long-term economic damage.

The General Assembly has until June 30 to debate the state budget, so the time to fight for education is now.

WHAT: Rally for Education: No Cuts to Education Funding

WHO: Network Delaware, PACE (Parent Advocacy Council for Education), and Delaware PTA are official co-sponsors of the event.

WHEN: 1:00 p.m., Tuesday, June 20, 2017

WHERE: East Side Steps of Legislative Hall (411 Legislative Ave, Dover, DE 19901)

WHY: Fully funding public education is critical to the success and future of Delaware.

Network Delaware aims to build a grassroots coalition of community organizers and leaders to advocate for sound public policy, issue campaigns, and economic development opportunities that will bring real, sustainable change across the state.

The Network Delaware Education Issue Campaign is a made up of a core group of education policy advocates with a broad volunteer base and a common interest united to lobby against cuts to public school education funding.

For more information, please visit the campaign Facebook page, http://facebook.com/educationfundingcampaignDE, as well as our website TheNetworkDE.org.

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