Analysis 1 — Evidence

The reason why we chose Facebook as a service is that it can be seen as both public and private space. We chose the video of an advertisement from the public page ‘What’s on Melbourne’, when scrolling new feeds on Facebook, this video is really eye catchy with bright colors and fast transiting cuts. So, we did case-study about this video and the service of facebook. We divided research and gathered information about character. What we discovered is that videos in facebook is autoplayed without sound, so first few seconds are important. Moreover, native and emotional videos are likely to attract customers. Therefore, we came to an agreement on that we will make a similar advertisement video.

In the process of making, we first discussed what we were going to shoot. Xinyi thought we could shoot a video of the introduction of our university, Ben suggested shooting something about food and Jiwon thought that maybe we should film the free lunch held on every Thursday at alumni court yard in our university. Then, we chose JIwon’s idea, because her idea was the most specific between three of us. We decided to film about Jiwon’s idea on Thursday, and divided our workload. Because Ben had a class at the time when free lunch happens, Xinyi and Jiwon filmed the scene of the free lunch and Ben edited the videos.

We filmed the videos using action camera SONY As 300 of Jiwon. Even though we made a brief story of the video before, when we filmed it, it was difficult to shoot diverse angles and other people in detail. First, we got permission to staff of Rusu if it’s okay filming it. We filmed that RUSU staff cooking, lot of students waiting for the line, or eating food. And also, how can we get free food and drink.

After finishing filming, Ben began the editing process. This involved gathering all the clips together (about 15 minutes worth) and first eliminating the ones which would not be used. After this, the remaining clips were cut apart into smaller pieces, or sped up in order to achieve the fast-paced, jump-cut style that is synonymous with Facebook ads. Finally, some music was added behind the footage that was suitably upbeat for the style of ad we were trying to make, and text was added to highlight some features of the product we were advertising, another thing vital to videos published on Facebook. Then, we made our won facebook page named ‘NetMedia Group Assignment’ and uploaded it on this page.

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