Analysis 3 — Reflecting on the reflection

In the final essay, we could probably have more of a look at the way Facebook video has evolved as a platform, and how its affordances and contraints have evolved. Additionally, a key part of the final product will be going into further detail on some of the key affordances and constraints of Facebook, and how these affected our final video, as well as how they affect publishing videos on the Facebook platform in general. We’ve already touched on that a little in the previous evaluation post, but I think there it would be worth delving much deeper into those particular affordances and constraints in our final essay.

Another thing we could potentially look at is how the affordances and constraints of Facebook as a platform differ or are similar to other online video services, such as Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube. Within this discussion we could discuss how the affordances and constraints between Facebook and Twitter are largely similar, whereas they differ more greatly across them other three platforms — the m0st different one probably being YouTube.

Also, in the final essay our evidence part could potentially be more succinct, to allow for more detail to go into the evaluation of Facebook as a platform and its affordances and constraints. Having said that, there are many aspects of evidence we need to cover — starting with the initial case study, then finalising an idea for the video; shooting the video; editing the video, and then finally publishing it to Facebook. Most likely the amount of content we include in the evidence part will more come down to how much more space we feel we have in the essay once a draft has been written.

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