Group analysis blog- Evidence


Our chosen video is raw footage from the United Airlines flight, which depicted the violent removal of a passenger from the aircraft, shot by fellow passengers. Our group decided to focus our research on citizen journalism, which would involve the production of our own video. Initially, we thought that we would stage an incident. The rough idea was that we would act out an incident and film it from our phones. However, a real situation arose, which provided us with an opportunity to film a real life scenario.

An accident occurred in a shopping complex nearby. The group filmed the aftermath of the incident, which provided significant insight into the mechanics of citizen journalism. Less than 30 seconds of footage was obtained, however the process of making the impromptu decision to seek out the incident, film it and upload it to YouTube offered a realistic experience of citizen journalism.

We decided that this experience was sufficient, and accordingly we decided we no longer needed to film the staged incident as initially planned. Moreover, this experience gave us a few insights into citizen journalism that we may not have garnered otherwise.

Firstly, we noted that filming the incident was uncomfortable. As we arrived at the scene, we were hesitant to pull out our phones and film. We were worried that the police and nearby officials would scold us for having our cameras out. Moreover, any incident involving people being injured calls for some sensitivity. We were reluctant to appear invasive. This underlines an ethical concern in regards to citizen journalism.

We also noted that there was little to film — even only 20 minutes after the incident. This was our first insight into the fact that there is an element of luck in collecting impactful footage. Conversely, if we had arrived at the time of the incident, it is likely we would have been even more reluctant to tape the scene — again, due to ethical concerns.

It takes a certain confidence to be effective in citizen journalism. Some of us found it uncomfortable to a point that I would be unlikely to go through this process again.

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