Honeynet and DMZ

The intranet is protected by several network devices — two of which are honeynet and DMZ.

A honeynet is an actual network of several networking devices and servers called honeypots. A honeynet looks real and legitimate but acts as a trap for two purposes:

  1. The honeynet is made vulnerable intentionally to invite hackers and carefully study their technique of hacking. So that a company is better prepared for such attacks in the future.
  2. To avoid hackers coming to the real network and avoid attacks and let them have what they think they need.

DMZ stands for demillitarized zone and is a part of a company’s local area network but is not well protected when compare to the internet. The DMZ is the servers that the company wants the public to access easily hence lowly protected.

The traffic to the DMZ is not restricted so the public can easily access it for as long as they want to.



This series of posts is an ongoing effort to lay strong foundations of Cyber Security

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