Spring 2017 Weekk 8 Assignment

This assignment is Tuesday, 3/14. Ideally, however, please come to class this Friday having at least attempted both parts of the assignment.

Part 1: A Refresh on Canvas Basics

Following instructions laid out in the code, reproduce a canvas drawing such as the one below. Note that the gray lines form a 50px by 50px grid.

Part 2: A Refresh on Dispatch

Review the d3.dispatch API before proceeding.

In the code, both #plot1 and #plot2 elements respond to mouse move events by moving a red circle element. Your job is to have #plot1 and #plot2 mirror each other i.e. move the red circle in one even as you mouse over the other, without invoking any direct reference to each other. You will need to use d3.dispatch for this.

Can you have all the .plot elements do the same thing, using concise code like shown in the hint area?

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