Tokyo — Fukuoka — Chiba — Toronto — Helsinki — Berlin

An internship brought me to Berlin from Helsinki where I was finishing my Master’s Degree in Spatial Design. Architecture is artistic yet functional. It’s everyday. I’m passionate about creating life quality through design process that understands the use of the space.

Every new city away from home has taught me more about expressing myself and reading others. Travelling has also given me the ability to recognise the social tendencies of different cultures. I enjoy the vivid individual personalities that Berlin is made of. In Japan, people tend not to express too much of themselves. I feel there can be more outside of the frame — we don’t have to put ourselves only within our own cultural expectations. Travelling can be a great learning strategy.

Berlin doesn’t limit its inhabitants like so many other big capitals. The city has a strong climate of acceptance. You don’t have to be rich to have a good life here. The tempo of professional life is a bit easier than in many other big cities — here you need less to feed yourself and have more time for actual thinking. I think this relaxation is a key trigger of creativity and the reason why Berlin attracts so many creative minds. However, as a driven creative it’s important to make sure never to miss opportunities simply because you’ve got too comfortable. You must always keep battling to find your way between all the needs and wants of this world.

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