Budapest — Bournemouth — Lisbon — Salvador — Berlin

I was an actress. Until the day I realised that my career path translated into working in the same theatre institution until death.

Eastern European culture is about distance rather than openness. I always wanted to break through that routine. I urged to see how the same old would feel in other countries.

I roamed around the planet for years but found love in Berlin and stayed. I got very lucky with the city — in one month everything just magically worked out for me. I love living in a truly green and bicycle friendly city. The magic of this city is strongest at the time of the fairytale like golden October landscapes.

I believe in change but sometimes this city is changing too fast. Friends you make will soon leave and the nice neighbourhood bar you just found won’t be there next time you walk by.

Berlin is filled with art but good art might be hard to find! Here you can make art happen, even without funding. As a creative this city makes you ask — of all the art, why would yours have an impact? It can be the required kick in the ass or a distressing ticket to the opposite side of inspiration. So come with an idea and make it happen! Keep doing, meeting people and working all the angles of your vision.

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