Alicante — Murcia — Berlin — Essen — Duisburg — Milan — Berlin

Berlin has taught me that all things are temporary — jobs, relationships, happiness. You should value what you have and keep no greater expectations as everything is ours just for a passing moment.

Sometimes I miss the openness and everyday poetry of the South. Daily conversations and strangers in Germany tend to be quite dry and anonymous. But perhaps I’m just being nostalgic? There is a huge Southern European community in Berlin so I never feel too far from home. I made my first forever Berlin friends in a German language course. We shared the same struggles and they still give me a sense of community.

I work as a translator and a copywriter. Professionally, London might have it better for me than Berlin but I am grateful for what I have here now. I get to combine my passions everyday — languages, fashion and creative writing. I feel in a city like Berlin you must have the skill of being in the right place at the right moment.

All the cities of your life become part of you. It’s my second round of Berlin. I first came here for an Erasmus exchange. It was my first experience of abroad alone so Berlin holds a very special place in my history. I always knew I would come back for more. Berlin has relaxed, cosmopolitan atmosphere that doesn’t pressure you to have a very defined aim in life or be professionally successful. It’s an inspiring start but if you don’t have any inner or outer pressure, it might freeze your fire. The danger is that you become so content that you stop looking for the next stop. In the future I might leave Berlin for Barcelona — I’m in love with its art, architecture, design, sea and sunlight.

It’s easy to access Berlin with no clear plan and simply contemplate life and enjoy the present. For my first year in the city I was writing my thesis and working part-time on a field that wasn’t mine. I was checking the job openings of the company I wished to work for almost daily. At some point I found myself very lost and frustrated. What was I doing — just wasting my time, contemplating life?

To get to the other side of frustration, you simply need patience. Believe in yourself and in what you are doing. And keep trying! If it takes a while, it’s okay to do something else in between. Consider yourself lucky to be in a city that allows you to grow without pressure. If you want to splurge some time, relax and think about life and your next step — this is the city to do it!