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NeuML — 2022 Year in Review

Recapping 2022 and looking ahead to 2023


  • 385 total commits on GitHub
  • 179 total issues resolved on GitHub
  • 12 releases. Entered the year at v3.7.0 and finished at v5.2.0
  • 16 articles and example notebooks added

txtai 4.0

txtai 5.0


Plan for 2023


  • 44 total commits on GitHub
  • 15 total issues resolved on GitHub

Other Projects

Most of our efforts in 2022 consolidated around txtai and paperai. But there were contributions to other downstream txtai projects as discussed below.


  • 50 total commits on GitHub
  • 8 total issues resolved on GitHub



Consulting Services

  • Model Development Create AI, Machine Learning and/or NLP models that excel in industry-specific domains
  • Advisory and Strategy Support Leverage our expertise to plan your data and AI strategy
  • Cloud-native Workflows Scalable NLP workflows for semantic search, summarization, translation and more
  • AI-driven Literature Review Automate reviews of large-scale unstructured medical, scientific and research literature
  • Media Analytics Sentiment analysis, event discovery and trend detection

Ways to find NeuML

Wrapping up

This article covered the state of NeuML’s projects and efforts in 2022 and plans for 2023.



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David Mezzetti

Founder/CEO at NeuML — applying machine learning to solve everyday problems. Previously co-founded and built Data Works into a successful IT services company.