2 reasons to utilise clickbait and how to understand tech shifts (in less than 15 mins)

Time is the most valuable and finite asset in the world. Our weekly dose of “Monday Morsels” centre’s on optimising our time to impact our lives and business. We have no intent on the theme, just purely lessons that can consistently be used. This week we cover Two reasons to utilise clickbait, How to understand tech shifts (in less than 15 minutes), Why more sleep is a requirement for high performance, How to improve your productivity with simplicity.

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Two reasons to utilise clickbait —

It’s hard to get back people to open emails, just ask Anand Sanwal. The CEO and Founder of CB Insights recently clarified why and how they create “clickbaity” titles. You’d expect that as the leading startup intelligence company they would not have any issues gathering subscribers and paying clients, but as he details explicitly the difference between sharp or boring titles is $650,000 of incremental revenue. So why do we click clickbait? Wired details that behavioural science is at play, and particularly the laziness or emotions of our brain. If you’re emailing subscribers, clients or followers on a regular basis you understand the power of this medium. So if you want to improve your underlying just like Anand did, I suggest you start experimenting with Wired & CB Insights title ideas.

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How to understand tech shifts (in less than 15 minutes) —

Alex Danco is an exceptionally underrated thinker and is starting to produce regular content for Social Capital. Having read his original four-part series on Emergent Layers, I’m paying attention to his new series on Paradigm Shift Machines. This particular series looks to uncover how and why paradigm shifts replace industries with new ones, therefore rearranging their business models and ecosystems. This is important because understanding new technology and its ability to change the scarce resources at play, is the difference between being an insolvent business and a company that broadens its competitive advantage. This first part highlights what technology (a tool that increases access to scarce resources) and paradigms are (business model, incumbents), providing you context for the how and why of the next few weeks. I strongly suggest spending 15 minutes of your time with Alex’s brilliant piece.

Image: Alex Danco, Medium

Why more sleep is a requirement for high performance —

I always find it insightful that humans, particularly those who operate in the tech & business world, will continually bash sleep — even though they require it the most. I’ve often been teased for enjoying or needing lots of sleep, but I find that repairing my cells & neurones, therefore allowing for better performance, is a job requirement for being a high performing sapien. Quartz highlighted a study completed by the University of Rochester, that now shows we create a neurotoxin (beta-amyloid, common in Alzheimer patients) that at a minimum can only be cleared with six to eight hours of sleep. Require further consideration that sleep is a conduit to high performance? Hear from Dr Rhonda Patrick guest Dan Pardi. If you’re unsure what you can do to start creating an environment to sleep, utilise these five tools for faster or better sleep care of Tim Ferriss. Having used the Sleep Master Sleep Mask myself, it is probably one of my greatest investments under $100 I’ve made in the two years.

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How to improve your productivity with simplicity —

Brad Feld, he’s an exceptionally smart venture capitalist and has written the most practical startup book for any first-time entrepreneur. On Feld Thoughts he discussed the term “dedupe”, which is essentially a simplification of processes. Each year, perhaps every six months, processes, purchases and systems can become bloated in your company. If you sit down and perform an analysis you’ll realise you’re wasting approximately 20% of your collective time on overlap (processes, systems, software, responsibilities). So how can you cull or “dedupe”? As covered in our goal setting post I will perform an 80/20 analysis of my life & business bi-annually. This is really a 30-minute reflective process (depending on how much crap we’ve accumulated) that was popularised by Tim Ferriss. Here’s a fantastic blog post which essentially is what I utilise and have tailored to my own situation. You will be pleasantly surprised by how useful this hour out of your year can be.

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