Why HIIT drops weight fastest, and how to beat procrastination

Time is the most valuable and finite asset in the world. Our weekly dose of “Monday Morsels” centre’s on optimising our time to impact our lives and business. We have no intent on theme, just purely lessons that can be used constantly. This week we cover why HIIT loses weight faster, how to beat procrastination, why AI is THE most important technology domain and what a competitive advantage provides.

Why HIIT helps lose weight faster —

I’ve been a fan of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for quite some time, and was well aware of the benefits associated. This article highlights a study that shows one minute of arduous exercise was as beneficial than 45 mins of medium effort. So what can we learn on this? Reduce work out time to the critical few minutes, and make it intense. For programs just type in tabata or HIIT training on google. There’s a multitude of quality options, I’ve particularly followed Tim Ferriss and Mark Sisson for my own.

How to beat procrastination —

Procrastination used to weigh down on me immensely. Wait But Why has a great article on the Instant Gratification Monkey (yes, that used to be me) and identifies the same way that I used to get out of these ruts — effective planning, which we covered in this blog post. The biggest change for me was that effective planning made the herculean task far less daunting, reducing anxiety/indecision in the process. Amongst my friends and family I started to be less of a “gonna” and more of a “do-er”.

Why AI is THE most important technology domain — 
The far future of AI is coming soon, and it’s for that reason we believe this domain is the most important within technology. We’ve covered specific topics (bots and human redundancy) to give you a taste, this two part series (1 & 2) by Wait But Why is probably the most intriguing layman’s read you’ll find on the domain. In a nutshell, when we reach the stage of general (then superhuman) intelligence, those systems will move at a speed that we won’t even comprehend and by then it will be too hard to stop. Controlling ASI will comparative to an ant controlling us. Therefore, more people need to engage this conversation about what it means for our current state of life, particularly one as inevitable as this.

What a Competitive Advantage allows Apple to achieve —

Competitive advantage is one of the most important attributes of a business, particularly in the technology space. Countless people have notioned that Apple has a competitive advantage problem, iPhone sales are plateauing and the Apple Watch won’t carry them as far forward as the iPhone did.There’s also discussion that the culture of Apple’s organisation means they may not be able to switch to the services business they supposedly need to become. However, it’s obvious to me that people (generally) truly don’t understand competitive advantage (whether product, structure, price, service, other), particularly in the case of Apple. Apple’s competitive advantage is their ability to build complete products, through their unitary organisation — it’s not their products itself (iPhone or Mac). Now that they have over $200b in cash reserves and a superb organisation to move forward, it’s obvious to me that a pivot is coming (whether spatial computing or a car), particularly with this new direction in M&A. Remember though that all businesses, must have a competitive advantage — without it you just won’t survive.

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Jordan Michaelides

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