Why you should consider Radical Honesty😅

Image: Matt Cherubino

It’s been an exhausting but insightful week for us at Single Partners.

Changes are afoot, content is being produced, and we’re getting ever closer to having our podcast released.

This week we interviewed Adrian Stone, a not so small-time venture capitalist. It was a fantastic discussion on all things investing, business, and surprisingly, weed and politics.

With each week we send through our picks of articles to improve your intelligence. 
We hope you enjoy this week’s selection:

  • Derek Sivers Website. Almost a year ago a friend of mine mentioned how exceptional Derek Sivers site was, after coming across it on Tim Ferriss’ podcast with him. Having finally found the opportunity to go through it I found this particular lesson on leadership that was brilliant. I found myself getting lost in Derek’s blog and I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who enjoys self-improvement, psychology or business.
  • Radical Honesty. We all tell lies, white lies that is, and without realising it can have unintended consequences — yes that half cheek fart you repeatedly do in the workplace can have unintended consequences. Being radically honest or dishing out honesty as it comes into your mind is an intriguing way to relieve the stress associated with everyday life. This is certainly worth the read from Esquire’s best writer, A.J Jacobs.
  • Lessons from scaling Uber 10x. Beautiful data visualisations and an insightful video (just watch the first minute) that shows how much is happening behind the scenes at a company that is considerably changing the way we use transport.
  • What is Silicon Valley? For those who haven’t followed tech as much as I have, this is a brilliant scope as to the history, culture & identity that makes Silicon Valley, and how it’s now permeating into the once bohemian city that was San Francisco. If you’re a tech geek in another city, you’re not the SV of Asia, Europe or the Middle East. Silicon Valley is Silicon Valley.
  • Sam Altman’s Manifest Destiny. And here’s your way of understanding the individuals that inhabit Silicon Valley. This piece is a fascinating biopic of one of the most well-known tech/VC gurus on the planet — the idealistic, Sam Altman. This gentleman is a bit of an outlier, but you can see how their idealist vision for the world flows down to most within the tech community. A genuinely brilliant read by the New Yorker for understanding what makes Silicon Valley tick.

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