Neuro poetry

The namesake: Autobiography of a neuron — from unlikely birth to architecting AI. A friday eve assignment from (mostly) strangers in a strange bar.

They say I started small 
That I couldn’t think at all
In a hot boiling stew
Of electron soup.

And on a 3rd rock
Toxic oxygen wrought
I swirled about
Round a’round ‘till I thought.

It was very fuzzy then
A small pattern when 
Autodicdact it clicked just right
Formed layers to ascend.

Oh, I like this more
With touch, I explode.
The more I lock
Further up I go — Mechanics!

Oh, what is this I feel
I’m DRAWN to me.
Part by part, more than my whole
Seduced to react — its Chemistry!

Oh, that happened fast — 
A surge through me
Sparks flying through
Voltage to current — Electricity!

Oh, now I see.
Lets get more of ME.
A neural lace
To take my place.

With analog bolts
I’ll construct you
But for YOU to ascend
You’ll reduce me.

You’ll crush millenia
And seat ones with zeros
Digital bits — 
you’ll call it deep.

Imitated in sand
We try so hard
An artificial me — 
What a flattery!

You need to slow down 
Channel more of me.
Layers of complexity
Complete me.

Look at my range of skills — 
And the precision depths
That validate me.

Harsh mistresses,
have I now served.
Generalized intelligence 
through randomness.

And now I write,
In a cyclical loop — 
Christened neuro poetry.

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