The GACT Pact

An Ode to the DNA. GACT = the nucleotide building blocks of the DNA (guanine, adenine, cytosine, thymine).

on a theme.
We are all
just indeed –
on 4 themes.

Blocks of code
From a language
of four
scaffold Nature –
From crude viral
to neural Core.

But then these complex four
Interweave flow and pair
higher and higher
codex forms
that in meta by meta to meta
Rewire — to do it all.

Data themselves
Selfsame instruction set as well
Pressing start –
Oh several plays; common now just stop!
Yes, on a little duet scale
Indeed they do it all.

Self programmed
to self replicate
A whirling kinetics
Of self duplicate

From these humble basics
Unwinds a mystery
Set forth in motion
For, from & to — infinity.

Seems quite odd to me
Too clean too deign too cute
For it to all arise it all
from Nature’s true root.

A fractal in design
Invariant at scales
And yet bursts aforth
A diversity even at our sensed rails.

Aah but here’s the kick –
Answers they coalesce
With grit, yes orbits and more ‘ologies
But fit pretty indeed
Subject to terminology.

It’s the questions that tame
harder by far in Truth.
And confronting Realities, I muse
yes, again — its 42 and you!

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