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My Most Popular Stories January — April 2022

My six best-performing articles so far this year

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I’ve been writing on Medium for a little over one year. As of right now, I’ve published 265 (now 266) stories. I think I’ve grown a lot as a writer. I’ve certainly put in the time and effort.

I’ve recently surpassed the six thousand followers mark, although I’m still not earning…




We write about ADHD, Autism, twice exceptionality, neurodiversity, parenting, advocacy, and education. We’re unique, just like everybody else.

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Jillian Enright

Jillian Enright

She/they. Neurodivergent, 20+ yrs SW & Psych. experience. I write about mental health, neurodiversity, education, and parenting. Founder of Neurodiversity MB.

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