You are going to your gate through huge Duty free store and see dozens of versions of spirits, chocolate and accessories. We usually think, that we fairly evaluate prices (of course it is subconscious process, but the issue is another). 
If you buy a bottle of champagne, and on the cash desk they will give you a nice bracelet as a present, in your head the value of this bracelet will drop up to 30%, then if you buy it separately. 
The point is:

— Never give your product or service as a bonus on something else! Until you want to drop its value in consumers’ mind. 
 — Stop giving free advices, so your opinion, as a professional, would not be devaluated. 
 — Try to stay out of big discounts (as big outlets love to make 90% sales — they pursue only market coverage, not brand building and customer relationships). 
 — Stop dropping value of your product also in the very beginning of your business, when the main goal is to become known.

Remember: in human’s mind if a product or service is a bonus for another product, or it is hardly discounted, takes place SUBCONSCIOUS DEVALUATION OF THE PRODUCT. 
Try to avoid it.


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