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Explore and curate your beloved tunes. Indulge in free listening and build your collection to assert your presence ahead of the curve.

Empower your cherished artists directly: Your entire support, 100%, directly fuels the artist. No intermediaries involved, enabling them to concentrate on crafting awe-inspiring music.

Forge connections with artists and enjoy exclusive perks: Cultivate meaningful bonds with the artists you adore, unlocking distinctive rewards through your collection. Join NEUROMASTER’s projects and collaborate.

Crafted by a dedicated and formidable team at sound.xyz: Supported by a16z Crypto, Snoop Dogg, Ryan Tedder, and an array of other influencers, we form a close-knit, distributed, and agile team with diverse expertise from Apple, Opendoor, OpenSea, Pandora, and Slack.

Our overarching mission is to forge a world where artists thrive solely from their music, and where listeners actively partake in the realm of musical exploration. If this resonates with your passion, we invite you to join us in turning this vision into a tangible reality! Explore our available positions and submit your application now!

10 Reasons why sound.xyz will be a huge success

Strategic Backing: With backing from influential figures like Snoop Dogg, a16z Crypto, and Ryan Tedder, sound.xyz has a solid foundation of support from individuals deeply rooted in the music and tech industries.

Experienced Team: Boasting a team with diverse backgrounds from major players like Apple, Opendoor, OpenSea, Pandora, and Slack, sound.xyz has a wealth of experience and expertise to navigate the complex intersection of music and technology.

Innovative Technology: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, sound.xyz aims to create a seamless platform that empowers both artists and listeners, introducing novel ways for them to engage with and contribute to the music discovery process.

Mission-Driven Purpose: The platform’s mission to create a world where artists can sustain themselves through their music and where listeners actively shape musical landscapes resonates with a broader cultural shift towards empowering creators and involving audiences more deeply.

Collaborative Approach: sound.xyz fosters collaboration between artists and listeners, transforming music discovery into a shared experience. This inclusive approach not only strengthens the community but also enhances the overall user experience.

Innovative Business Model: With a focus on empowering artists to make a living solely from their music, sound.xyz introduces a disruptive business model that aligns with the changing dynamics of the music industry, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional structures.

User-Centric Design: By placing listeners and artists at the center of their design philosophy, sound.xyz aims to create a user-centric platform, ensuring that the needs and preferences of both groups are met with thoughtful and intuitive features.

Ongoing Development: Continual innovation and updates based on user feedback demonstrate sound.xyz’s commitment to evolving with the needs of its community. This adaptability is crucial for long-term success in the ever-changing landscape of the music and tech industries.

Transparency and Trust: Establishing trust through transparency is key, and sound.xyz’s commitment to direct artist support and listener involvement creates a transparent and trustworthy ecosystem that fosters long-term relationships.

Community Engagement: Encouraging active participation from the community not only enhances the platform’s vibrancy but also ensures a sense of ownership among users. This communal engagement is a key ingredient for sustained success in the dynamic world of music technology.

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As a key investor, Snoop Dogg’s involvement adds a unique rhythm to sound.xyz’s journey, merging the worlds of technology and music under one harmonious venture. Together, the collaboration aims to amplify opportunities for artists and listeners alike, creating a space where the love for music thrives in innovative ways. Join us in this melody of change, where Snoop Dogg’s investment becomes a note in the transformative composition of sound.xyz.



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