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At Neuromation we are extremely busy and focused on our mission of democratizing AI by building the AI platform and marketplace of the future, but we will still be taking the time to connect with the broader AI development community by participating in select industry events in October. If you are available, please come and say hello. We’d love to connect with you. Here are the upcoming events for October that Neuromation will be a part of:

On October 6 in Kyiv, Neuromation will take part in the Computer VISIONers Conference for computer vision engineers being sponsored by AI Booster, Ukraine’s leading data science community. Neuromation Lead Researcher Kyryl Truskovskyi will deliver a presentation on “Data Augmentation with GANs”, discussing the latest advances in synthetic data generation and their application in various industries.

October 6th , AI Booster

Kyryl Truskovskyi speaking, theme: “Data Augmentation with GANs”

On October 8–11, Neuromation will take part in the 4th Global CyberSecurity Forum — HackIT.

HackIT is an annual cybersecurity conference that gathers the best technical researchers and top players in the cybersecurity industry to explore cutting-edge technologies together. Neuromation Head of New Initiatives, Maxim Prasolov will be in attendance discussing an exciting new program related to early access to the Neuromation Platform for AI and security researchers, and will also demonstrate the results of several of Neuromation’s AI development projects.

October 8–11th, HackIt

On October 13th and 14th, AI Ukraine 18 will take place in Kyiv at the Kyiv Ramada Encore Conference Center. Sergey Nikolenko, Chief Research Officer of Neuromation, will speak on the topic of “Synthetic Data and Generative Models in Deep Learning” and Maxim Prasolov, President of Digital Economy, will take part in the panel discussion on how to create products and start businesses with machine learning.

October 13–14th AI Ukraine 2018


Distributed Synthetic Data Platform for Deep Learning Applications


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Distributed Synthetic Data Platform for Deep Learning Applications

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