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Neuromation is excited to announce the launch of the Neuromation Marketplace, which is open and available to the entire community of NTK holders!

What began in 2017 with a vision to unite the three pillars of Artificial Intelligence into an ecosystem, is now live. In accordance with our Whitepaper, the Marketplace is open to all AI professionals and enthusiasts to exchange their NTK for Synthetic Data, Computational Power and AI Services — on the Neuromation Marketplace.

What’s on the Marketplace?

1. Synthetic Data

Neuromation’s early exploration of Synthetic Data as a viable solution to inadequate, biased, and poorly labeled natural data for computer vision applications is now proving itself in the enterprise space, and right here on the Neuromation Marketplace. Custom generated Synthetic Datasets for computer vision applications are now available for a host of applications and environments.

2. Compute

NTK holders can find all the computing resources they need — fast, secure, and reliable — to train their machine learning models on the Neuromation Marketplace. Neuromation’s ‘Compute Agnostic’ Policy, taken in mid 2018, has proven to be pragmatic and effective, as cloud service costs continue to fall and the GPU-based mining community is yet to reach technical and security thresholds required for the training of AI models on large-scale datasets.

3. AI Services

Originally referred to as “Neuromation Labs”, the Marketplace now offers all NTK holders Custom AI Services for the development, implementation and scaling of AI solutions for a host of real-world applications. From identifying the best-fit AI approach and choosing the right model, to training the model on natural and/or synthetic datasets, to scaling the solution to your particular business or research needs, the Marketplace is open for business.

Please reach out to us with your business case in Computer Vision, Biometric ID and verification, Predictive Analytics, Conversational, Language, or other applied AI realms. Neuromation’s Custom AI Services are fully available on the Marketplace.

The Marketplace and the Platform

As the AI ecosystem has evolved, so has Neuromation. Since the initial launch in February of 2018, we have developed not one, but two products: the Marketplace and the Platform. These products can be used in concert or independently. We would like to make sure that the community understands these two products, both by name and by function.

As described above, the first product is the Neuromation Marketplace. This is the place to buy Synthetic Data, Computation Power and AI Services, using the NTK. This we will always call: the Marketplace.

The Neuromation Platform, or, is our AI-focused software development platform. The Platform is designed to accelerate the work of AI engineers and researchers, data scientists and software engineers. Specifically, the Platform enables rapid model development and training for AI professionals and practitioners around the globe. The Platform empowers the collaboration of distributed teams, runs on multiple cloud-based infrastructure environments, and offers the state of the art in ML toolsets.

The Platform is available and will shortly accept NTK in exchange for all services provided.


Distributed Synthetic Data Platform for Deep Learning Applications


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Distributed Synthetic Data Platform for Deep Learning Applications

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