Neuromation Takes Part in BASEL LIFE, Europe’s Leading Congress in the Life Sciences

Neuromation Chief Research Officer Sergey Nikolenko and Head of New Initiatives Maxim Prasolov will make a presentation to the European Scientific society on “Deep learning and synthetic data for healthcare” at the BASEL LIFE conference in Basel, Switzerland this week.

BASEL LIFE is Europe’s leading life sciences conference bringing together researchers and scientists showcasing the latest advances and research on topics such as: aging and drug discovery, antibiotics, biotherapeutics, genomics and genome editing, microfluidics, peptide therapeutics, and artificial intelligence.

On Thursday, the 13th of September at 4:15 pm local time, Sergey Nikolenko will take part in the artificial intelligence and blockchain in healthcare Innovation Forum panel discussion “AI in healthcare”, along with Chris Schilling (Juvenescence, Boston, United States) Pascal Bouquet (Novartis, Basel, Switzerland), Verner De Biasi (GSK, Collegeville, United States) , and Neuromation’s partners and friends Alex Zhavoronkov and Polina Mamoshina (InSilico Medicine, Baltimore, United States and Oxford, United Kingdom).

On Friday, the 14th of September, at 12:45 pm local time, Sergey will also be speaking on “Deep learning and synthetic data for healthcare” and at 4:45 pm will take part in the panel on “Blockchain in healthcare” along with Tetiana Oleksiienko (BitFury, Kiev, Ukraine), Alex Zhavoronkov (InSilico Medicine, Baltimore, United States), Lucy Ojomoko (Rockville, United States) and Emil Syundyukov (Riga, Latvia).

Neuromation will also be attending a presentation on big data analytics for small molecules given by its partner EMBL — the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany, as well as other important presentations by McKinsey, GrowthCube Partners and others.

We look forward to speaking with all of you and any of our Neuromation community members and supporters at this important conference.

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