Neuromation team at ICML 2018

Neuromation researchers are attending ICML 2018, one of the two largest and most important conferences in machine learning (the other one is NIPS, and we hope to get there as well). Here is a part of our team together with our long-term friends and collaborators from Insilico Medicine next to their booth:

Left to right: Kyryl Truskovsky (Lead Researcher, Neuromation), Rauf Kurbanov (Lead Researcher, Neuromation), Alexander Aliper (President of EMEA, Insilico Medicine), Alex Zhavoronkov (CEO, Insilico Medicine), Denys Popov (CIO, Neuromation), Ira Opanasiuk (HR Director, Neuromation).

Neuromation and Insilico Medicine are collaborating in the many areas of high-performance computing and deep learning; see, e.g., this previous post on one topic of our collaboration. In the area of blockchain technology, Neuromation has partnered with Longenesis, which is a partnership between Insilico Medicine and the BitFury Group.

Both our teams share passion for using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, high-performance computing and blockchain for healthcare. We are happy to be a part of the vibrant ecosystem of companies in this space which resembles the early days of the Internet. And we are building the Internet of Health.

We are looking forward to further collaboration with Insilico and to many other collaborations that ICML can bring. Deep learning galore!