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2 min readAug 3, 2021


NEUR Token

NEUR token is the primary token issued by Neuron Fund. It is used to transfer return in Neuron Pools, bug bounty program, development contribution.

NEUR hard-capped total supply is 200,000,000 tokens.

100% minted on the genesis event.

The goal of the distribution is to ensure that the community has over 50% of voting power in the protocol. Everything but the NEUR token and DAO itself is deployed upon a DAO decision.

Genesis NEUR allocation

  • DAO Treasury Multisig: 53%
  • Team: 25%
  • Advisors (contributors): 2.3% allocated (5% total)
  • Early backers: 5.38% allocated (17% total).

As you can see, 16.98% of allocation is reserved for DAO-led future rounds and will have no influence on token trading.

NEUR Allocations

Community: 53%

  • DAO Treasury Multisig: instantly liquid (20%) and linearly vested over a year (80%) with no lock-up. Managed by the DAO-enacted treasury multisig.

Team and Contributors: 47%

  • Team: those who developed the protocol.
  • Contributors: those who aided in development for more than a year before the launch.
  • Early backers (investors): early community members who provided funds and helped with the protocol development.

Lockup for contributors: 12 months since project launch, and then linear vesting over two years. So, 24 months after the protocol launch, the half of team and contributors’ token allocations will be unlocked.

Unlock and Vesting

With vesting and cliffs accounted for, NEUR token unlocking for 48 months post-launch will look as follows:

As you noticed earlier, almost all NEUR supply is time-locked to ensure the community in the long-term commitment of Neuron team.

We look forward to launching the blockchain-native fund soon!

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