How to Keep Users Coming Back

May 30 · 3 min read
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Every digital product not only needs users, but it also needs engaged users. People who not only come and check it out but people who check it out, sign up and stick around forever. Nir Eyal, the author of Hooked, asks “Do you know your customers’ triggers?”

This is one way to design products that not only make them useful but makes them valuable. This kind of thought process helps you match the value of your products to the current state of your users.

But how do you discover your customers’ triggers? It takes diligence and effort on your end to make sure you’re learning as much as you can about them. If you know everything there is about your target user, you will make more resonant product decisions. In this article, here are exciting and easy ways to keep users coming back. As you read through, feel free to pick and choose different strategies. You can also implement all of these at the same time, making for a more robust product development process.

Here are five practical ways to keep users coming back.

Add a Feedback Button

The feedback button may be the most overlooked opportunity in digital products. This gives your users an opportunity to voice their opinion. There are many ways to gauge interest around why they’re interested in a particular part of the app. Users are usually happy to share their experience, especially if it means it will help them accomplish their goal. The feedback button can be in your ‘Help’ section. But it can also show up as a survey through email marketing, or as a Facebook advertising campaign.

In-App Messaging

A great way to get users coming back is to simply communicate with them. Let’s say you notice they’re clicking around an area more often than other areas. Send a note such as “Are you finding what you’re looking for?” Or, “Is this what you were looking for?” This lets users know that you know what they’re looking for. And perhaps they were searching in the wrong area. There are many ways to utilize this feature. How you use it will depend on your strategy.

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Fix Issues & Iterate Fast

According to research, 21% of users abandon apps after the first use. This means that if you haven’t over-delivered for users you attract, they’ll quickly turn away. This opportunity presents the chance to deliver an experience users love. To do that, you’ll have to quickly spot the challenges and fix them quickly. The quicker you build a product users love and find valuable, the more time they’ll naturally spend there.

Tell Users What To Do

A great way to keep users coming back is to remind them what they can accomplish in your product. Oftentimes, since we’re close to the product, we forget each capability. Consider creating a tutorial or documentation that helps educate users on your product. This provides insight for the user that gives them the total view of what they can do. If they can accomplish tasks using your product, why go anywhere else? Sometimes it’s just a communication issue.

Make it Easy to Share

Great user experience is something users want to brag to their friends about. If you can get a certain community to adopt your product, it becomes easier to make it valuable. For example, Tinder doesn’t work with just one person. It takes participation from others to help make the experience a full one. Once you involve a community, it becomes standard. One way to keep users coming back is to allow for this kind of collaboration that connects people, places, things, ideas, information, you name it.

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Thoughts on user experience design, digital strategy, and product development.


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UX Insights

Thoughts on user experience design, digital strategy, and product development.

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