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4 min readAug 17, 2022


This story was originally published on the Neurons Lab blog on Aug 17, 2022.

Neurons Lab, a globally distributed AI R&D company, is proud to announce some great news.

Our team has become a verified member of the Pangea community! The platform is a leading site for searching for and hiring the best IT vendors globally.

What does this mean exactly?

As a result of a complex evaluation, our AI company has proven our ultimate expertise, working capabilities, and unparalleled transparency. This verification badge highlights the trustworthiness of our team.

Just imagine, now Neurons Lab is within the top 7% of vendors providing services in IT and software development.

Qualification Process for Entering Elite Community

To start, we want to share a few words about our team.

Neurons Lab creates disruptive, deep-tech innovations empowered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data technologies, especially in the HealthTech, EnergyTech, and Life Science domains.

Our solution lies not in the usual consulting, rather, we work at the intersection of AI technology, a PhD-grade scientific approach, and business expertise.

Among our values are meaningful relationships and radical transparency. We value our clients and have decided to undergo an independent company assessment to prove our transparency and expertise.

Now we have a verified company profile on the Pangea platform scoring 8.8 out of 10.0

Neurons Lab in top 7% of vendors at

To shed some light on the evaluation process, we elaborated on and analyzed the company’s key metrics, departments, and processes. Our team had to reassess the company’s existing operations and narrate them to the Pangea, including the areas of tech specifics, recruitment & HR, project development metrics, team KPIs and OKRs, and more.

In addition, all of our employees reflected on the company’s culture, their career prospects, and atmosphere that directly affects the daily working processes at Neurons Lab.

As well, our recent clients shared their feedback on our work and projects we’ve delivered that reflect their external view of Neurons Lab.

“Absolutely enjoyed working with this company. Great individuals, great collaboration, all around great team and exceptional work ethic and delivery”. Owner @ Consultancy

All in all, during the verification process, our team got a full picture of the existing state of things within the company. This allowed us to reassess our business strategy and objectives within departments and collect feedback from our clients regarding our work.

Strengths & Opportunities at Neurons Lab

The most significant finding that we encountered was the insight from clients. We were greatly satisfied by the fact that our clients assessed our project management at 10 out of 10.

To achieve this result, our team uses a proprietary delivery framework tailored to ensure that our clients receive the most value from advanced technologies in line with agility, top expertise, and skill access.

“We operate within a proprietary delivery framework tailored to the innovation environment: fierce competition, tight timelines, little-to-no datasets, and need for innovative solutions. Our expertise at the intersection of AI, advanced science, and business knowledge distinguishes us from others”.

Igor Sydorenko CEO @ Neurons Lab

In addition, our team health KPIs accounted for 8.9 with excellent scores for culture (9.1), personal growth prospects (9.0), and management (9.1).

Since our company operates in the innovative tech field, we are very interested in uniting top specialists including PhDs, Data Scientists, and AI/ML Experts passionate about the practical application of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As a globally-distributed team from the UK to Indonesia, we are eager to build the best culture and satisfy the need to collect the brightest minds and scarce talent to stay with our company long-term.

In its turn, we see that we can work on improving the quality assurance process, the company’s advocacy, and overall employee satisfaction. Therefore, we will reevaluate our QA flow and integrate new operations from the HR department.

Neurons Lab Team

To Sum Everything Up

Neurons Lab is within the top 7% of trustworthy IT vendors, which is a great indicator of the company’s current performance. We plan to continue improving our internal processes and align them with the OKRs and strategy.

We are eager to become a top AI/ML engineering organization that helps deep tech innovators create and launch data-driven products and, most importantly, bring real value from AI to the client’s business and satisfy the client’s needs.

Moreover, we will invest in improving our employee retention and satisfaction indicators. Since we have already documented the current situation at Neurons Lab, we will use this information to become a more fantastic organization for our employees.



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