5 questions to the team member

📋How did you start your career at NeuronX?

I have a lot of experience in trading, however, I would not mind using helpful tools and services to analyze the cryptocurrency market. I spent much time surfing the Internet but got nothing, so I decided to contact the developers and now we have a product that has no analogues.

📋What do you think about the project and its prospects?

We are entering the era of artificial intelligence, so the product we are working on is particularly relevant now, and it will always attract its user.

📋What do you do in the company?

In the NeuronX project I deal with issues related to the money market. My tasks range from developing a financial strategy to controlling and ensuring the efficient use of resources.

📋How is the work going, how much success have you achieved?

To the date, our project has already collected about $ 1,200,000 of investments. In addition, our platform shows excellent results and is constantly improving. The work is definitely going well.

📋What gives you a job at NeuronX? What have you learned in the process of work? What are your goals?

Every day I get a good experience and always learn something new working on a project. And the goal that we all pursue at NeuronX is to give the world a useful product. I strongly believe that we will definitely achieve it!