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At Neurosity, we believe in the potential of the mind. We believe in the importance of understanding our thoughts and emotions. Everything we do revolves around the idea that amazing things can happen when we understand ourselves better. That’s why we build brain-computer interfaces.

Notion, our brain sensor, was designed to measure the electrical brain activity and do two things:

  1. Detect human intent (control things with your mind)
  2. Quantify self (measure focus, calm levels, etc)

While controlling things with our minds is one of the most empowering feelings, we now find ourselves using Notion more for measuring our mental states during these incredibly stressful times.

The ability to measure mind states has allowed us to empower developers to be more efficient by gaining focus faster and staying focused for longer.

Today, more than ever, we pledge to support developers interested in helping quantify the human mind even further. We are making the headset more accessible and are ready to team up with developers.

  1. Starting today, we are temporarily cutting the price of Notion pre-orders to as close to what it costs us to produce them as we can.
    Notion is now available for $799.
  2. We are introducing a payment plan with a $199 deposit.
  3. We are making the Neurosity team available to brainstorm, code and deploy Neuro Apps leading to better mental health and productivity.
    Sign up here.

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