NTX Student Clubs Initiative

NeuroTechX is very proud to support undergrad students interested in neurotechnology via its Student Clubs Initiative!

Neurotechnology has never been this accessible and exciting before. NeuroTechX wants to catalyze the interest and motivation of skilled undergrad students by providing them with goals to work towards and the resources to get there. Having a local student club at their own university gives them the opportunity to explore this emerging field, to meet other students with similar interests and also to develop skills in biosignals (ECG, EMG, EEG, etc.), in signal processing, in machine learning, in neuroscience, in electrical engineering, in software engineering, etc.

The emerging field of neurotechnology — and even healthcare in general — is now multidisciplinary and we want to encourage that cross-communication between disciplines as early as possible.

Why did we start this initiative in the first place?

“I was watching all these videos on Youtube about Brain-Computer Interfaces and I was very inspired and amazed. Some videos were on very advanced projects with electrodes implanted in the brain, but some other smaller projects were done with 100$ EEG headsets. I didn’t know where to start nor where to go to meet other students also interested in BCIs.


I wish I had a neurotechnology & biosignal student club when I was doing my electrical engineering degree. That’s why I decided to start this Student Club Initiative with NeuroTechX and then other people like Nicomaque Jette, Jean-Philippe Portant, Benjamin De Leener, Sonia Israel, Bernard Cloutier, Sayan Faraz and many others did all the work to make this a reality.” -Yannick Roy.

2016 Edition — Pilot Project

For the 2016 Edition (first edition), we decided to keep it small and start with a pilot project in Montreal and Toronto, before inviting more universities to join the movement and create their own student clubs and start working on cool projects. We quickly learned that creating student clubs in neurotechnology is easier said than done. When we first presented the idea of such student clubs, it actually got rejected by many universities giving the students the following reasons:

  1. “There are already engineering student clubs and neuroscience student clubs. Join one or the other.” (no comment…)
  2. “There is no competition. We encourage student clubs with actual competition(s) to get visibility for the university.” (there is no competition, because there are no student clubs… Chicken and egg problem…)

That’s why NeuroTechX launched its Student Clubs Initiative to organize an annual competition and help student organize their student clubs.

For our very first edition we were proud to have 5 high quality student clubs:

SynapsETS, ÉTS (Montreal)

MENTAL, McGill (Montreal)

BSYS, Concordia (Montreal)

PolyCortex, Polytechnique Montreal (Montreal)

NeuroTechUofT, University of Toronto (Toronto)

They did pioneer the initiative and now they can help new student clubs with their expertise and experience. Our motto for 2016 will remain for 2017 as well — “this is a coopetition, we’re all shaping this great initiative together”.

Demo Day 2016

We are very proud of our first Demo Day that took place in Montreal in November 2016 with the first 5 student clubs. We had a great event and great projects! We are now pumped for the next step(s)!

NeuroTech Demo Day 2016

Here is a video of the event.

Here are some photos of the event.

Special thanks to Nicomaque Jette (aka Nico) for leading this great 2016 edition!

Thanks also to our partners to help us drive innovation in neurotechnogy and biosignals. InteraXon, OpenBCI, Neurosky, Neuroforce, Desjardins 360d, Desjardins Lab, Hexoskin, Quartier de l’innovation & ETS.

2017 and onward

We are currently recruiting for the 2017 Student Club Committee to help us shape and scale this amazing initiative.

If you’d like to get involved please fill this form or communicate with yannick at neurotechx.com.

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